Our Board

2017 Board of Directors (Standing from left to right) Carolyn Palmer, Kevin Reid, David Phillips, Graham McGeagh, Christine Molitor;

(Seated from left to right) John Harvey, Bob Cooper (Retired), John Hoopman (Retired); (Absent) Deepa Taranath, Edwina Reid.

Our Joint Can:Do 4Kids and Deaf Can:Do Board is made up of highly skilled business, education and community leaders, each of whom make a valuable contribution to strategic direction and oversight. 

The Board of Directors consists of a team of dedicated professionals with expertise in all aspects of sensory impairment and education along with financial and human relations.


Dr John Harvey                                            

Vice Chair

Mrs Christine Molitor 

2nd Vice Chair

Assoc.Prof. Carolyn Palmer 


Mr David Phillips

Mr Graham McGeagh

Mr Mark Watson

Mr Kevin Reid

Ms Edwina Reid

Dr Deepa Taranath


Minute Secretary

Ms Andy Meade