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Hamish's Story


Many families rely on the support of Can:Do 4Kids throughout their journey, just like the McGregor family.  

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We want you!


We want you! The last few years have been full of changes for Deaf Can:Do and we are excited to be planning for our future.  To help us do so we have asked some researchers to run focus groups for us to make sure that what we are planning will meet the needs of Deaf South Australians ...

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Megan presenting at strathalbyn rotery club

Some of our Biggest Assets


Volunteers form an integral part of our organisation and are undoubtedly one of our most treasured assets. Volunteers’ unwavering passion, dedication and boundless energy contribute significantly to a positive working environment for all to enjoy. The donation of time and expertise al...

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What is SP:OT?


SP:OT combines the support of both a qualified Occupational Therapist and Speech Pathologist in individual or group sessions. This is a positive trend towards meeting the demands of children who require support with their fine and/ or gross motor skills as well as speech and/or l...

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Ceo david bowen

Meet the NDIA CEO David Bowen


Just over 500 days ago the trial of the NDIS started in South Australia and we have all learned much in this time. There are just over 500 days until the transition to the full scheme rollout commences in SA. We would like to hear from participants, families, siblin...

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